• Opportunity to do a Live Zoom Presentation at the Conference.
  • Each Presenter will get 15 Minutes for their Presentation and 05 Minutes for Q&A Session.
  • Once a session has concluded, the video will be available on-demand for one month.





  • Each Poster will be displayed at the Conference for 03 Minutes.
  • Posters should be one page PDF or Image to be shown in Zoom.
  • All Posters will be uploaded on the Conference Website before the conference for all the participants to download or go through it.
  • The poster should be sent to the Conference Committee.

Please use this Poster Template >>

PowerPoint Virtual Presentation

To be a virtual presenter under the PowerPoint virtual presentation category, you only need to send us your PowerPoint presentation (with video and/or audio embedded in the presentation). Your presentation will be uploaded to the conference website and the TIIKM YouTube channel, so that the conference participants, website visitors, and TIIKM YouTube subscribers will have access to all virtual presentations during and after the conference.

Please note that the same publication opportunities that are available to regular presenters will also be available to you. You are still required to submit a proposal/abstract, and one author must pay the registration fee. About 2 – 3 weeks after the conference, you will receive a soft copy of the certificate of presentation, the Book of Abstracts.

    • Abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book.
    • An opportunity to publish in conference proceedings.
    • An opportunity to submit your paper for peer review to the supporting Journals
    • Conference materials including the author certificate as a virtual presenter, book of abstract (soft copy), conference program book (soft copy), posted to every virtual presenter after the conference