Welcome to The 2nd Global Public Health Conference

(Globeheal 2019)

Welcome to the 2 nd Global Public Health Conference 2019 (GlobeHEAL) which is scheduled to be held from 14 th – 15 th February 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka organized by the International Institute of Knowledge Management. The theme of the conference is “Enhancing Global Health Development towards Sustainable Healthy Communities”.

The conference will create a great platform in meeting the needs of researches, industry and the policy makers internationally by sharing the knowledge and Experience. Internationally renowned speakers, academicians, researchers, Advocacy groups and delegates from worldwide will participate in the conference and discuss about the public health in a global context.


Today global public health issues have increased due to the services and products harmful to health and environment, travel and mass migration. For an example communicable diseases are increasingly spreading to both developed and developing countries. In this scenario the development of global public health is vital towards sustainable healthy communities.

GlobeHEAL 2019 will be a great platform to discuss all these public health issues and find out the solutions and introduce new strategies to that lead to improvements in both health and the environment while contributing to the global economy.


  • Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs)
  • Sexual and reproductive health practices
  • Climate Change Issues & global public health
  • Global Immigration & public health Challenges & issues
  • Health Informatics & public health
  • Occupational Safety ,Environment and public health
  • Women and Child Health
  • Healthcare epidemiology and infection
  • Education & community based health practices
  • Changing environment & the impact on public health practice
  • Changing population and society & public health
  • Health Education ,Communication and Promotion
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Public Health Pharmacy
  • Multidisciplinary approaches in global public health
  • Global non-communicable diseases prevention strategies


Global Public Health conference

Professor Dr Wong Li Ping

[ Conference Chair ]

University of Malaya

Global Public Health conference

Dr. Peter Navario

[ Keynote Speaker ]

Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health Policy and Management
Executive Director, HealthRight International
NYU College of Global Public Health


Crossref-abstracts-publications_TIIKM conferences All accepted abstracts for the 2nd Global Public Health Conference 2019 will be published in the conference abstract book with an associated ISBN 978-955-3605-23-8. All full papers will be reviewed through a double blind reviewing process and published electronically with an ISSN 2613-8417 in the proceedings with a DOI Number (DOI prefix: 10.17501).
Accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings and will be submitted to Google Scholar, Scopus and Thomson Reuters for possible indexing.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

ISSN: 1759-8893
Editor in Chief: Prof. Albert Wertheimer
Publisher: Wiley Online Library
Journal Link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/17598893
Scope Pharmacoeconomics, health economics, finance, health outcomes, health planning and policy analysis, technology assessment and pharmacoepidemiology, financial implications and political outcomes of drug policy, etc..
Indexed in |Indexed in SCOPUS, Embase (Elsevier), Emerging Sources Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics), Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics).

Health Care for Women International
Health Care for Women International
Print ISSN: 0739-9332
Online ISSN: 1096-4665
Editor in Chief Eleanor Krassen Covan
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Journal Link https://goo.gl/eizR3d
Indexed in ISI: Social Sciences Citation Index, SCOPUS, CSA, EBSCO, EMBASE, ISI, LegalTrac, MEDLINE, OCLC, PsycINFO, and many more.
Scope Health Care for Women International includes the newest research, theories, and issues in the fields of public health, social science, health care practice, and health care policy. Scholars and practitioners address topics such as cultural differences, alternative lifestyles, domestic violence, public health issues associated with the aging of the population, maternal morbidity and mortality, infectious diseases, and a host of other gender-based ethical issues.

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Universiti Sains Malaysia

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