Plenary Speaker

Dr. Varsha Narayanan

Consultant Family Medicine and Holistic Health Expert Medical Cell, National Health Authority Advisor Clinical Research and Pharmaceuticals Founder of Dr Varsha’s Health Solutions
DR. VARSHA NARAYANAN is a Consultant for Family Medicine and Holistic Health in Mumbai, India. She is an MBBS (Gold medalist), MS (Oph) from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, with an IMA fellowship in Family Medicine. She is further qualified in Clinical research from Institute of Clinical Research, Mumbai and in Holistic Health from Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.
She has almost 20 years of experience in medical practice in clinics and hospitals, as well as in health and pharmaceutical Research. She has headed key drug development projects and advised many pharmaceutical companies. She has done acclaimed work in diverse medical and therapy areas through real world data generation, comparative clinical studies, developing treatment consensus and presenting-reviewing pharmacotherapy concepts and medicine combinations. She has developed health and wellness programmers for NGOs, corporates as well as educational institutions.
She is an expert with the medical cell of the National Health Authority, Government of India, and visiting faculty at KEM Hospital, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She is also part of the Mumbai COVID Mission 2021 group.
She is the Founder of Dr Varsha’s Health Solutions, an online interactive Health Awareness and Consultation Portal. This portal served as a great platform for public health awareness, guidance, information and queries throughout the 2020 COVID pandemic, not only in India but throughout the world. Every month, this portal gave guidance to more than 10,000 people free of charge, anytime from anywhere on various health problems.
Dr Varsha has been treating several COVID patients in home care and guiding them on all medical and self-care aspects of COVID. Her platform has also brought together several specialists and experts from top hospitals across the country to educate and guide people on specific health issues.
Dr Varsha is a speaker and writer at various health forums and medical conferences. She has given talks on radio and TV, conducted several workshops and webinars for the youth of India through educational institutes, public health awareness talks on COVID related precautions and care, health care and entrepreneurial opportunities, digital health, as well as personal-family health, wellness and fitness during the pandemic.
She has more than 45 publications in peer reviewed medical journals and is also a medical reviewer and editorial board member.
Dr Varsha was awarded COVID warrior by the International Chamber of Professional Education and Industry. Some of her acclaimed publications in 2021 pandemic include: